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Natalia Efe and a short interview
Natalia Efe y una pequeña entrevista

An earnest collector of images, small lines that get transformed into faces without countenance, into patterns that seem as endless labyrinths. Gatherer of ideas, imaginariums, of black horses, shoes and cutouts, remnants of everything. With not much else to say and leaving the job of telling to the images themselves, this is a little of Natalia’s work.
Coleccionista empedernida de imágenes, de lineas finas que transforma en caras sin rostro, en patrones que parecieran infinitos laberitos. Acumuladora de ideas, de imaginarios, de caballos negros, de zapatos y recortes, retazos de todo.  Sin mucho más que decir y dejando que las imágenes digan más, esto es un poco del trabajo de Natalia.

From the "Cabello de cabellera de caballo de caballero", which loses all substance when translated, but literally means ‘hair from a hair-mane from a horse from a horseman’ (knight would be more accurate, but it actually sounds cool with horseman and it kind of works)
De la serie "Cabello de cabellera de caballo de caballero"

From the series "Colgando ando los tennis" (detail)
De la serie "Colgando ando los tennis" (detalle)

How would you describe your w0rk?
My work is an ever-changing thing, even though it always maintains, a definite line of interpretation, which is a view of popular culture using accumulation as a starting point. I think that accumulating objects, like panflets, magazines, newspapers, etc. is having a direct connection with people, because this is something they look at every single day.
Lately I’ve been using collage as my main medium for expression, and I also use drawing for the same purpose.
¿Cómo describirias tu trabajo?
Mi trabajo lo describo como un algo siempre cambiante, aunque se mantiene de unos meses hacia acá por la linea de ser una interpretacion de la cultura popular a partir de la acumulacion. Creo que la acumulacion de objetos como folletos, revistas, periodicos, etc son una conexión directa con la gente, pues es lo que ésta mira todos los dias. Ultimamente he usado el collage como medio principal de expresion, también uso el dibujo.

Do you work with a particular theme?
Usually my theme is whatever my surroundings dictate to me, in my daily life, in the richness of Mexican streets, full of colors, violence, surrealism and life.
¿Trabajas alguna temática?
normalmente mi tematica es aquella que me va dictando mi entorno, en mi diario transcurrir, en la rica calle mexicana, llena de colores, violencia, surrealismo y vida.

What are the names of some artists that have influenced you?
They range from German expressionists to Grete Stern or Liliana Porter. There is so much variety, from some artists I admire the light, from others the rhythm, from others the aesthetics, or the theme, and so on. I have a huge list.
¿Cuáles son los artistas que te han influenciado?
Van desde los expresionistas alemanes hasta Grete Stern o Liliana Porter. Son muy variados, de algunos admiro la luz, de otros el ritmo, de otros la estètica, de otros el tema, etc. Es una lista enorme.

I hope you like her work as much a I do. If you want to see more of Natalia’s work you can see it here (:
Espero les guste tanto como a mi. Si quieren ver más de su trabajo pueden verlo aqui(:  



  1. Oooh I really like the horse prints, especially the one of balancing on eggs. What an inspired concept!

  2. These are fantastic. I love the ones with the shoes especially. You always see tennis shoes hanging from electrical wires, but to see different styles of shoes is an interesting take on the subject I just love shoes :-)

  3. Beautiful. I'm so impressed with these vibrant, delicate images. She definitely does capture something of Mexico.

  4. bonito trabajo el de ustedes 2
    mucha mucha mucha suerte :)


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