Friday, August 26, 2011

Super easy tutorial:  Cupcake brooch
Broche de panquecito
What you'll need:
Lo que vas a necesitar:

  • Pencil and paper (optional)
  • Fieltro                                                        
  • Tijeras                                                        
  • Pegamento
  • Broche
  • Hilo
  • Lapiz y papel ( opcional)

1. You can draw the shape on paper and use it as a guide, or you can draw it directly on the fabric.
1. Puedes hacer un molde y recortarlo o si prefieres dibujarlo directo sobre la tela.

2. Once you have traced it in the fabric, cut the three parts, the bottom, the muffin top and a little heart.
2. Una vez dibujado sobre la tela, corta todas tus piezas, el panque, la base y un pequeño corazón.

3. Paste them together
3. Une con pegamento las piezas.

4. Sew the pin securely, to the back of the cupcake
4. Cose bien el broche al panque.

Done! You have a new cupcake brooch!
Y listo! Tienes un nuevo broche de panquecito! 
Easy and cute, right?
¿Fácil y lindo, no?



  1. Adorable! Great tutorial!


  2. Super cute! Have you got polkadots on your nails? They look cool!

  3. I have spent Godzillions of dollars in cupcakes and they are so easy to make!

  4. aw, that is really sweet :) cute idea!

  5. lindísimo!! lo haré muy pronto

    Kali :)

  6. Hello Ponycats! It's taken me a few days to find my way here, but am so glad I did. Your blog is wonderful - I'm having heaps of fun exploring, and *love* your DIY above. So cute!


  7. So cute! Should definitely try this. Cupcakes are awesome.


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