Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Reto a usar:
We are a little shy, even though it's hard too believe since we both have had bright pink hair among other quirky treats, but it's true. Implementing new things to our style is something we both need to work on! So, we decided to start little challenges to spice up our look, and since we can't go shopping we chose to start with a little make up.(;

Somos un poco penosas, aunque sea dificil de creer ya que las dos hemos tenido el pelo rosa brillante entre peculiaridades:p, pero es verdad. Implementar nuevas cosas a nuestro estilo es algo en lo que las dos tenemos que trabajar. Así que decidimos empezar pequeños retos para darle un giro a nuestro look cotidiano, y ya que no podemos ir de compras, decidimos empezar con un poco de maquillaje(;

This is us before the tryout, and it can seem like a silly thing to line your eyes or put on a little lipstick, but to us it was a huge difference. Carmila doesn't usually line her eyes at all, and I don't usually wear much lipstick, much less a bright one! 
But we already had this two things laying around:

Éstas somo nosotras antes de la prueba, y pudiera parecer una poca cosa delinearse los ojos o ponerse un poco de labial, pero para nosotras fue una gran diferencia. Carmila usualmente no se delinea nada los ojos, y yo no uso normalmente mucho color en los labios ¡y menos uno brillante!
Pero ya teníamos éstas dos cosas por ahí:

I thought Carmila's green eyes would look beautiful against the contrasting bright blue.
Pienso que los ojos verdes de Carmila se ven hermosos en contraste con el azul brillante.

And I have been in love with coral lips for a long time now! It was time I gave them a shot (thanks to Camila by the way for the photos, I almost never like the result of having my picture taken :)
¡Y me han encantado los labios color coral desde hace ya mucho tiempo! Ya era hora de que les diera una oportunidad. (gracias a Carmila, por cierto, por las fotos, casi nunca me gusta el resultado de que me tomen una foto:)

Thank you Sandra for suggesting this small challenge, I had lots of fun doing it and I never imagined lining my eyes blue :p I deeply recommend trying to wear something you wouldn't normally would, it could be make up or clothes, make it fun! (:
Gracias a Sandra por sugerir éste pequeño reto, me divertí mucho haciendolo y jamás me imaginé delineandome los ojos de azul:p Les recomiendo que prueben ponerse algo que normalmente no harían, ya sea de maquillaje o de ropa, y háganlo divertido(:

What do you think? Do you like it or did it seem completely ridiculous? Would you try it?
¿Ustedes que opinan, les gusto o les pareció ridículo? ¿Lo harían?

-C & S


  1. I think the lipstick completely suits your type, Sandra! I would use it more often :)
    I think it's really hard to find the right lipstick for yourself, but you did a good job ;)

    Camila, I really like the combination of the blue on your eyes and the blue on your nails :)

    When you go shopping with a good friend, just take some stuff you would never wear and try it on, yes, like they do in movies :D It's so fun and sometimes you're really surprised.
    And you don't even have to spend money ;)
    In big stores, you can even take pictures, no one will care ;)

  2. Thank you Anna, we love your idea and can't wait to try it out, maybe even post about it? And thank you for saying that my lipstick suits me, I always have trouble choosing lipstick!
    I'm curious, have you ever tried trying something that you'd never wear, and ended up buying it??
    Have a lovely day Anna, please come again!

  3. Guapisimas las dos! sobre todo sandy! :p

  4. You're both adorable!
    That lipstick looks as if it was made for you! It really makes your lovely brown eyes pop.
    And the blue eyeshadow is stunning! It really accentuates the shape of your beautiful eyes.
    I've been trying to get out of my usual fashion/beauty routine rut lately. I really like this idea of challenging yourself to do something, even if it's this simple. So thanks for the ideas!

  5. Beautiful! Love the blue liner!



  6. Wow really like the effect of the eyeliner! I was given a wine-red eyeliner a few years ago and initially thought 'WHAT?' but actually I now use it whenever I am going out and want something a little more dramatic than my usual. Surprisingly it doesn't make my eyes look bloodshot which I thought would happen.
    Oh and I've just been on a holiday to the States where my friend that I was visiting picked out a whole load of unusual clothes for me - and I ended up with most of them!!
    I like the idea of spicing up your look every now and then - will definitely be giving it a go!


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