Sunday, September 11, 2011

Comfortable Sleeping
Dormir Comodamente


My cats are specialists in finding the perfect spot and the perfect position for a nice nap. Melocoton and Malkovich are really the experts.
I just had to share (:
Mis gatos son especialistas en encontrar el mejor lugar y la posición perfecta para dormir una siesta. Melocotón y Malkovich son unos expertos.
Tenía que compartirlo (:


  1. Picture nr. 2 doesn't look that comfortable though :P I love watching my cats sleep too :)
    One of my cats sleeps in the bathroom and when I turn on the light at night he puts his paws over his eyes to shield them from the light... so cute! :)

  2. <3 these cute photos!! your cats are adorable xo

  3. Your kitties are too cute! We recently had a cat move into our house but she's taking a little while to relax so we don't see her very often. Hopefully soon she'll be out enough for me to get a few cute snapshots!

  4. Aw cats are so great at sleeping. Wouldn't it be great to be a kitty for a day, snoozing in the sun!

  5. I love watching cats sleep!

    That sounds creepy, but I mean it in a totally non-creep way.

    --Jaclyn T

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