Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The story of a dress
La historia de un vestido

This is the story of the first dress I've ever made. It is not a great stroy, mind you, :p but it was pretty exciting for me. Here it goes:
Here in Mexico we don't have actual "thrift shops", you can't find one in every other corner, and you could say there are some shops that resemble thrift shops, but no more than one or two in very few cities.
But then, a while ago, I found one here in Cuernavaca (where I live), in the Children's Hospital, and I've made very good findings there ever since, this has made me verrrry happy!

Esta es la historia del primer vestido que he hecho en mi vida. No es una gran historia :p pero a mi me emocionó igual. Aquí les va:
Aquí en México no existen las "thrift shops" en cada esquina, en realidad podriamos decir que practicamente no existen más que una o dos en contadas ciudades. Pero hace un tiempo descubrí una aqui en Cuernavaca en el hospital del niño y desde entonces he encontrado algunas cosas muy buenas que me han hecho muy felizz.

Thus begins the story of this dress. First I found a huge flower skirt for less than a dollar. From the moment I saw it I knew it would be perfect for making my first dress (:
Así comienza la historia del vestido, cuando encontré por $10 pesos una falda gigante de tela floreada. En cuanto la vi supe que sería perfecta para hacer mi primer vestido (:

After that it was the beginning of a very rigid search (did you get the reference :p), for the perfect fabric. After a while I found it and even though it's not an splendid dress it is my very first and I am very proud.
Do you guys like it? 
Y entonces fui en busca de la tela perfecta y después de mucho buscar por fin la encontré. Se que no es un vestido maravilloso pero es mi primer vestido y estoy orgullosa de el(:
¿ Les gusta ?

PS. Don't miss our braid tutorial next week, 
for some tips on how to make and style a fabric braid! 
P.D. No se pierdan nuestro tutorial la proxima semana, 
sobre como hacer y ponerse una trenza de tela!

Have a great tuesday!  
¡Que tengan un hermoso martes!


  1. your dress is SOO cute. i love the style & the colors. your first dress? jealous. i hope my first dress is as cute!

    and i found some chalkboard paint on amazon...http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B001DCTH2G/ref=sr_1_2_olp?ie=UTF8&qid=1312870898&sr=8-2&condition=new. hope it's not too expensive!

  2. Looks great, I love the braided belt on it!

  3. Love the outfit. Thanks for the inspiration on the color palette and the reminder to wear braids!

  4. what a gorgeous dress! especially for your first. i love the print and the colors AND the braided belt :) thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. hola carmilla soy francisco y voy para mexico , necesito tu e-mail o algo

    1. Hola! Mi Mail es carmilamacias@ gmail.com (:


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